PINK! Such lovely, subtle, romantic, ethereal and floaty pinkness!1890416_424521647650409_1397482823_o

I personally love to wear this style of dress. It makes me feel like I have the tiniest waist in the whole wide world.

I really like the options that this dress presents with the transparent fabric. By wearing a different style/colour petticoat under this dress (ohhh, perhaps just 3/4 leggings and singlet with ankle boots!!!!) you can really change the feel.

It could be edgy, prissy, elegant or even casual depending on how you styled it. I love dresses that cover a wide range of occasions like this, it’s not fair to keep them locked up in your closet!!

Can you imagine a strapless white or blush petticoat with tattoos peeking out on the shoulder and chest?

This dress is currently a size 14, with a maximum waist of 80cm and, because of the design, offers great range in the shoulders. It can be made as small as a size 8.


$90 as is

$150 with alterations

add $50 for two custom-made petticoats.

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