Here is a dress worth inspecting. It is like a chameleon.

One of those daring 1950s designs that you might see in a kitsch film, this gown is made from nylon (it was the 1950s, nylon was so happening!) and although sheer, it also holds its shape. To touch, it feels almost like tissue paper, but still moves elegantly.

A very light blush in colour with white velour detailing, this dress can be transformed by the petticoat you choose to wear underneath it. A black satin, champagne, hot pink, white……

As is, this could be worn as a light coat over a gown or as a wedding dress. If shortened it could become a trench style coat or even a stunning work dress.

The rare gem is a larger size vintage piece, it seems not all women back then were TINY. Generous across the shoulders and easily made larger around the waist, this dress could be altered to size 10 or up to a small 16.

$130 as is with sheer petticoat
$180-$250 with alterations/additions blushGown-3